Our Translation Services

Option #1

100% Human Translation (HT)

Human Translates text and either the translator reviews own translation or a certified editor review and edits translation.


  • Very Accurate
  • Longest Turnaround Times
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Option #2

Raw machine Translation

(Raw MT)

Raw MT is the raw output an AI supported machine translation engine.


  • Least Accurate – No Human Review
  • Quickest Turnaround
  • Least Cost
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Option #3

Machine Translation with Human Post Editing


MTPE is the process of human review of raw machine translation. Not only is the result human-quality translation, but we are able to train our translation engines for improved machine translation in the future.


  • Very Accurate – Post Editing by Certified Human Editor
  • 50% Faster Turnaround than 100% Human Translation
  • 30-50% Lower cost Than 100% Human Translation
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