Are you getting translations back fast enough?

Are you getting translations back fast enough?

MTPE (Machine Translation with Human Post Editing) cuts standard turnaround times in half. The average human translator can translate 2,500 words per day and the translator/editor that reviews and edits Machine Translations can edit 5,000-7,000 words per day. Compare the time it takes to translate and edit a 9,445 manual by 100% human translation to that of MTPE……


9,445 words/2,500 words = 4 Days + 1 Day review = 5 Days


9,445 words/5,000 words = 2 Days

The MTPE process turns around the manual (3) days faster (or 60% faster) than a human only translation. Is turnaround speed a critical factor in selecting a translation company? Please comment and share with us.

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