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More and more companies doing business in more than one language are faced with the challenge of providing volumes of data in the native languages of their clients, including help sites, social media, wikis, blog content (e.g., posts, comments), knowledge bases, online newspapers and websites. The volume of data and costs for human translation can quickly become prohibitive. What’s the right solution?


For some companies, the right solution is machine translation. Depending on volume of content to meet your customers’ needs, multiplying that by the number of languages you need to support, machine translation may be the right solution for you.


Metafraze is a translation agency that specializes in providing the right machine translation solution for you, customized with the quality and cost savings for your specific needs.

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What is machine translation (MT)?

Machine translation uses software tools to translate an editable text from one language to another with limited human intervention. Machine translation that is performed on the sentence (segment) level rather than on the word level. Translation on the segment level at a minimum allows the system to gain context, which is very important to understanding meaning.

What content is suitable for machine translation?

Machine translation is best suited for content that is consistent in terminology use, style and domain
(e.g., weather reports, annual reports, reporting, etc.), which limits the scope of available substitutions.

What is machine translation with post-editing (MTPE)?

MTPE is the process of human review of raw machine translation. Not only is the result human-quality translation, but we are able to train our translation engines for improved machine translation in the future.

How accurate is machine translation software?

The accuracy of machine translation depends on the intelligence & training of the machine translation engine. When the content falls within a specific domain (e.g., weather reports, annual reports, reporting, etc.), the quality of the translations are high. The keys are to narrow the domain when possible and to train the machine translation engine over time.

Can I try a free demo?

If you have a large volume of text for translation, we would be happy to provide a demo or trail translation for you. Please just contact our MT team.

How fast can my translation be done?

That’s the beauty of MT … once the project is set up, which generally takes less than an hour depending on the number of languages, the process is very fast. Of course, if post editing is required, MT takes a bit longer, but you can be assured of human translation quality at a significant cost savings to straight human translation.

How much does machine translation cost?

These costs for translation are generally based on an hourly rate. The general components of a machine translation project can include (1) setting up the project, (2) training the machine translation engine and (3) performing quality checks on the output.* Contact us now to get a quote.


*May include other steps depending on the scope of your individual project.